Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl

Okay, so I watched the Superbowl last night.  Our TV is not even hooked up to the aerial antenna, and we don't have cable, so we didn't really plan on watching.  But my wife suggested we just give it a try, and we did.

To our amazement, not only could we see the game, but it came in nearly crystal clear.  Go figure.  I'm not big football fan, but it was New York, so I watched a good portion of it.  My New Yorker wife watched every minute.  Our kids got to stay up way past their bedtime to watch.

And I'm glad we did.  Today, everyone will be talking about it, and as football games go, this one was possibly the most exciting ending I've ever seen.  That scramble by Eli Manning?  I watched about 18 replays of that this morning and still can't figure out how he got away and got that pass off.

In Church yesterday, we did not pray for the Giants, but we did mention it.  Attendance was a little down -- potentially because they were getting their Superbowl parties ready.  At least one of our solid parishioners is a New Englander and wore his Patriots allegiance on his sleeve, but for us, the Transfiguration was more important.

And of course, we're all focusing on Lent which starts this week.  Even with an exciting game and a surprising win, we try to keep things in perspective.