Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daily Lenten Meditation

Each day in Lent I will post a meditation from one of our parishioners.  Their names are not listed to protect their privacy

Lessons for the day: Genesis 41:1-13;  1 Corinthians 4:1-7;  Mark 2:23-3:6

Lord, let me walk with your faith. 
keep me in your fold as I go through everyday challenges of life. 
Let me learn to forgive and Let me learn to forget.
Teach me  to show compassion to others.
Lead me to the right path.
Guide me to every directions I take.
Let me not waver from your purpose in my life.
Comfort me when I'm down.
Lift me up when I fall.
Have mercy on my soul.
Hold me when I fail.
Give me peace when I'm angry.
Accept my simple talents I offer,
It is my gratitude for your kindness and mercy
Take my arms so I could follow your lead.
This is ask to Glorify your name. Amen