Friday, January 11, 2008

Youth Group Overnight

Pray for me.  I’m doing an overnight with the youth group tonight.  

Actually, it’s a very good group of kids, so things should be okay, right?  Right.

I’m not worried about them.  I’m worried about me.  

It’s a long time to keep a group of smart, energetic youth (one of whom is my son) engaged in the work of sorting out what kind of group they want to be.  I’m not worried about entertaining them -- they’re mostly teenagers and can entertain themselves.  They’re pretty responsible, so they will entertain themselves fairly responsibly as well.

But there’s this blend of fun and work -- and getting them to agree on how much work and what sort of work, and how to tie that in with our faith.  We are not, after all, a simple social service organization.  Everything we do must come from our faith or it rings hollow.

And then there’s the fatigue factor.  I played a hockey game last night and didn’t get to bed till midnight.  Now I’m exhausted.  With another sleepless night -- followed by a First Communion Class early in the afternoon -- I’m feeling sorry for myself.  On the other hand, I set it all up, so who’s to blame?

Besides, this is good stuff.  I’m going to whine, but would I change it?  No!  Would you?