Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mr. Deity

I heard about this at an ecumenical clergy bible study, which means that we were having a hard time paying attention to our work.

"Mr. Deity" is a YouTube series of independently produced 3-4 minute shows involving “Mr. Deity,” (ie., God), his assistant Larry, Lucifer (Lucy), and occassionally Jesus.  

It’s also extremely irreverent and hilarious -- despite the fact that it paints God and believers as petty and vindictive.  On the other hand, sometimes it shows Mr. Deity as very aware of that very pettiness, and you get the impression that the writer Brian Keith Dalton, who also plays Mr. Deity, is trying to tell us that God is much bigger, much better than the stereotypical cpa in the sky.

On the other hand, sometimes it seems like he’s saying there is no God at all, good or bad.  

You don’t get any help from the viewers either.  Since you can find it on YouTube (though now it appears on, each episode has viewer comments.  The comments run the gambit from “This is proof that all believers are idiots,” to “I’m a Christian, and this is great,” to angry reproofs from Christians who can’t take a joke.

For my part, I think it touches on something universal.  We all want to be closer to God, and we all want to understand how God allows some things to happen.  Though nobody believes for a second that this show represents actuality, it’s fun to see God the Father and Jesus playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle which commandments will go in. 

If you look at the first season, my favorite is episode 3:  “Mr. Deity and the Light.”  If you’re touchy, be prepared to be offended.  Otherwise, let me know how you like it.