Saturday, January 19, 2008


A while ago I asked you to pray for me because I was doing a Youth Group Overnight.  That went very well, and I spent the next day feeling fine.

Last night, my son had a sleepover to celebrate his birthday.  This was worse.  Fewer kids but younger and all boys.  Ugh.

Parents who dropped their sons off pulled us aside and whispered, “Are you crazy?”  

Our response: “We’ve done this a few times.”  Which is true.  But when I compare a church youth group -- slightly older, mixed group and accompanied by four adults -- I can tell you which was less stressful.  Give me the youth group any time!

Oh well, just one more hour before the parents arrive to take their darlings away.  And sadly, they don’t seem to have burned off any energy!  So pray for me today, too, that I can make it until 10:00!