Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good Dog

As of 6:00 p.m. yesterday, we are the delighted owners and new friends of a dog. His name is Brindle (we're playing with Brin for short or Brindlebug for fun).

Brindle is a Bugg (half Boston terrier, half Pug) and is sitting at my feet even as I write. It's been many years since I've had a dog, so I am still getting used to face licking and saying "No!" when he starts to chew my shoes. Brindle is a puppy, so of course there's a lot of training in our future, and very likely a lot of poop and pee in the wrong places. He's supposed to be paper trained already, but so far the best he's managed is peeing in the neighborhood of the paper.

Amazingly enough, Brindle didn't whine all night long even though it was his first night away from his brothers and sister. Our boys spent part of the night with him in their sleeping bags but somewhere in the middle of the night stuck him in his kennel and snuck up to bed. I got up this morning to find him staring out the kennel door. The second I let him out, he ran to the carpet and pooped. This may take some time.

But then, time we got. While we want to get the training on track early, we have a lifetime to make the relationship – and from all early indications, Brindle is more than willing to let that happen with us.

He's a bat-faced little thing, but from the moment we saw him (private dog owner we know), we fell in love with him. And yes, he is a cutie. By the way, he's now snoozing in my lap – really, he's hard to resist. Good Dog, Brindle!