Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bishop Dan

Well, it finally happened. A member of my seminary class has been elected bishop. Yippee!

Actually, I can't think of another member of my class more qualified. Poor guy.

Dad Edwards will be the new Bishop of Nevada assuming the church approves, and as I said, I can't think of anyone better. Dad helped me through some difficult times in seminary with his down-home but brilliantly insightful pastoral presence. I can only imagine that Dan will bring those same sensitivities to his new position. Nevada is in the best of hands.

I want to say Congratulations to Dan.

On the other hand, what a rough job. He can have it.

To be a bishop is to be on the road all the time, to never have your own home parish but to have an entire diocese expect you to know them, to be involved in the national and international headaches. It is no easy thing, but it IS an important job. In the touchy environment our church finds itself in, dioceses need a calm, wise leader who will know when to hold hands and when to challenge.

It's not a job I would want or be suited for, but the right person in the position can do much good. I think Dan is the right person.