Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cable Catastrophe

Catastrophe is a bit hard, I know, but it sounded good with "cable."

Really, this is all there was. We're trying to get the church on cable internet access so we can join the current century and do a lot more. We want to evangelize (which means "share good news about Christ's love for us", not "beat the unbelievers over the head with a bible"), but we want to do it in a way that people will actually hear.

As a friend of mine said, our church missed out on radio because it was too modern. Then we missed out on TV because it was tacky. Well, by golly, we are not going to miss out on the internet!

Well, maybe our congregation will – for a while at least. We were all set to get our cable internet installed – I mean today. The guys came. They looked around. First thing they said was, "Yer phone box is down in the basement, so that's where yer gonna have to put the router." Then next thing they said was, "Wadda ya mean, ya got a fire alarm system? That's not compatible with cable telephone!" (We were going to transfer our phones to cable while we were at it – believe it or not, it was going to save money).

So now, we can't do it the way we wanted. I've been crunching numbers, and it looks like we can still save money with cable, but we're going to have to keep one landline for the alarm. Rats. And because they couldn't touch a thing thanks to the alarm, it'll be another month of dial up before we can get it rescheduled. I hope our treasurer survives till then!

On the plus side, God is still in heaven, still loving us, still helping us put all these little irritations in perspective. And believe me, the day my biggest worry is a problem with installing cable is a pretty good day.

So celebrate the good news – God really does love you. Cable will come – I have a good feeling about August.