Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog in the Family

Did I ever mentioned that my cousin is a priest, too? Not since my Methodist minister great-grandfather and his Methodist minister cousin have we had this many clergy in our family at the same time.

She just got ordained last year, so is kind of new at the game. But, Kris is a decade younger than me and a lot more tech savvy, too, so I wasn't in the least surprised when she e-mailed and said, "I'm taking a stab at a blog." If you want to look at it, it's Hers is a beautiful sight with prayers and good books to read (for what it's worth, I'm reading "The Loss" by Siegfried Lenz), and although it's new, I can tell it'll be great.

You can guess what I did. I e-mailed back and said, "I'll link your blog to mine if you link mine to yours." Sure enough, she did it. What a nice cousin I have.

In truth, there are countless Episcopal clergy blogs out there – it boggles my easily boggled mind. But it is nice to pop out there and see family doing the same thing I'm doing – happily "priesting" and blogging away. So I'll see you out in the blogosphere, Kris!