Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Towel Camp Journal - Day 1

Twelve members of our congregation are on a trip to North Carolina to work on the homes of those in need. It's called Towel Camp. I thought you might like a brief run-down of each day as it happens. You’ll be able to follow along - and I might even be able to send a photo each day. Hope you enjoy it.

Day 1:

A wonderful send-off -- for a bunch of extremely tired travelers and their families who brought them there. We started gathering in the church parking lot at 4:30, though it took till 5:00 before we were all there (we are Episcopalians, after all). At 5:30 we celebrated the Eucharist, including well-wishers who made their way to the church just to pray with us. In all, 24 people shared the Body and Blood of Christ in the Wilks Room.

By 5:45 am, we were in the van and on our way. Things were pretty uneventful -- too uneventful -- until the halfway mark. Then, doing 70 mph, the left rear tire lost all its tread with a tremendous bang. Mike was at the wheel and kept the van expertly in control as we pulled to the side. That Pounds of Change money came in handy then, let me tell you! By the way, we raised over $400 in coins! Two hours and a new tire later we were on the road again -- for another ten minutes. There hadn’t been any food near the garage, so we made our annual Cracker Barrel stop. Yum.

We arrived in Marion, North Carolina unscathed at 9:00 pm. When we arrived we met some old friends from St. John’s, Marion, and new friends from several parishes in Virginia. We had our first meeting where we were divided into three work teams. I’ll let you know about those teams and their jobs tomorrow.