Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abraham and Isaac

Over the past couple of months, I've been posting installments of my novel, "Hiding Isaac."  After awhile, I began thinking that so much novel dilutes everything else that I'm writing.  In fact, aside from sermons, I simply stopped writing anything else because it got drowned out by Isaac.

Well, I started thinking about that and realized something very simple.  I can just start another blog for the novel.  So, if you've been reading "Hiding Isaac," you can still find it -- just not here.  You'll find a link to it in my links section.

But don't look under "Hiding Isaac."  While I was in the mood to rethink, I rethought the title, too.  When you consider this novel, you realize it's not just about Hiding Isaac.  It's about Abraham -- his entire life -- and his troubled relationship with Isaac.  It goes way beyond just hiding him.

So, I gave it a new -- and simpler -- title.  "Abraham and Isaac."  Please look at it -- you can start reading from the very beginning, but I've kept them in bite-sized installments.  Read an installment a day, and you'll not have to spend much time on it.  But there's enough there to keep you reading.

Hope you enjoy!