Saturday, December 1, 2007

Need a Pageant?

Anybody need a pageant?  We Episcopalians -- along with most other denominations -- love our pageants.  Of course, being Episcopalians, we don't do CHRISTMAS pageants.  We do EPIPHANY pageants.


Because all those pageants have the Wise Men in them, and the Wise Men didn't show up until Epiphany.  Get it?

Well, at our church, I've been the one who writes most of the pageants.  Too cheap to buy a canned one, I suppose.  Besides, I enjoy it.  I've written a new one for this year -- it's world premier will be -- you guessed it -- on Epiphany.

But if you need a pageant for your church, light-hearted and fun for the kids, feel free to take one of my older ones.  It's called "No Sleep At The Inn" and views the comings and goings on that Holy Night from the point of view of the irritable and sleep-deprived innkeeper.

You can view the pageant at my website:  

If you choose to use it, just do me a favor.  Make note that it's from me, and let me know.