Monday, September 3, 2007


Well, everyone, I'm back. It was a great vacation, great to visit friends I haven't seen in fifteen years (and introduce our families), and great to be back.

While away, I had very little access to the internet, so it was with some gratification that I came back to find quite a few comments about some of the posts. I appreciate the discussion that can pop up, even those that are in conflict – and let's face it, any time anyone puts anything on the web, there are going to be plenty of folks who disagree.

HOWEVER, what disappointed me quite a bit was the level of snotty-ness in some of those comments. I noticed that most of those nastier comments came from the infamous "Anonymous." In fact, with only a couple of exceptions, I noticed that most of the "Anonymous" comments were rather vitriolic.

Why would that be? Maybe anonymity frees a person to be nastier than they would be if their name were attached to the statement? I can't answer to that, but I'll tell you, when comments come around calling whole groups of people wackos or saying that whole populations are insane, that's both irresponsible and plain old mean.

I know that lots of people come from different religious and political backgrounds, but I don't see how rudeness, stereotyping and meanness fit into any Christian conversation. So, Anonymous, I will ask for more politeness. If that's not forthcoming, I'll simply not allow any more anonymous statements.

Oh, and if anyone who uses their name is rude and belittling to others, I'll not allow their comments to be posted, either. Disagreement if fine, denigration is not.

Tomorrow, a more fun topic: What I did on vacation.