Monday, June 25, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

Here's just a quick note. We're going to the ballgame in a few minutes. What fun!

Actually, I find baseball to be one of the most boring games to watch (I'm a hockey fan, what can I say?). BUT I do love going to the games because it's such a laid back, jovial atmosphere most of the time – at least at minor league games, which is all I ever go to.

I love folks wandering around chatting – it doesn't matter if you pay attention because chances are, nothing will have happened by the time you draw your attention back to the game. But it doesn't matter. It's clear to me that most folks who go to the games are in it for something more. Community.

That's why I tell folks they should go to church, too. They can fall asleep during the sermon if they want – that's fine by me. But to be there and hang out with friends and strangers, to be together in the same general pursuit (though no two people come to church for the same reasons), that's living.

Still, I'm taking my ball glove because hey, you never know – I might catch that homer.